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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 11:34 PM

That's what it was, pretty much.
I've never really bashed a con for what it was. Even A-Kon, which I normally dislike for the crowd of people within the con, doesn't come close to the level of frustration I had with this convention.

And sadly, I can't really complain about the issues because I didn't really have to deal with them. However, I saw them glaring in their subtle obviousness. For those unaware, the convention venue changed from the Woodlands Marriott to the Hyatt Regency in Houston (changing my drive time by about 40 minutes), which while the Hyatt can hold more people, the con area decreased by over half, easily. Needless to say, the con was a complete mess, and mostly cramped up with people standing on people unless you went outside.

But I'll focus on what I actually did do.

Friday was kind of a mess. I woke up, changed my plans because I hadn't finished all of Marth's accessories and a few important things, and hurried out to the car. Got on the road about 9 AM, and after a good 4 and a half hour drive, finally arrived in Houston and got checked in (but not to the room) around 1 PM. Decided to wait around for my roommate before tackling the badge line, and sure 'nuff, about 30 minutes later, :iconinufan078: texts me saying she's almost there. I run out front of the hotel in my Jack Frost cosplay, and get to have the fun phone call of "I'M IN THE VAN IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!" with her. Needless to say, soon enough we were reunited after a little under a year, and had gotten checked into the room with what could be best described as perfect timing.

However, when we went out to get my luggage from the car in the parking garage, the con's pitfalls started to show. I lost my hairclip on my wig, though, starting us all off with a laugh, before things started to head downhill. Security asked us for our badges as we entered from the parking garage with our luggage, causing us to have to get into a slight argument over how we were checked into the hotel and it shouldn't matter if we were with the con or not. Next obstacle were the elevators, which were a free for all, winner take all fight just to get on them. After what felt like an hour just to fight to get on one, and also getting mad at staff for claiming an elevator all to themselves, we finally managed to get to our room, get settled, and to no surprise, got to hear my mother proclaim that she would not leave the room because the elevators were horrible.

Inu and I chilled for a bit, as the heat of a few thousand bodies running around downstairs was pretty much unbearable, in which I finished up the last few things on my Rei Shingetsu cosplay, and after yet another hour, we decided to finally head downstairs and deal with badges after changing into Shingetsu and Judai respectively. Luckily, since we'd waited until 3:30 to go deal with it, the lines were nonexistent and we had badges in an instant. Walked inside, and ran into :iconballetgala: and :iconmazzthegreat:, whom we greeted and decided to go catch a bite to eat with later, as well as their Ouran group, as I couldn't find one particular group I had planned to find.

Until said group found me at the place we were eating at, which was awesome! :iconfrostyoreos: and company (;A; have no dA's or links for them, sadly), met up with me again in awesome ZeXal glory, and we basically got to chill out, play with dolls, and do all the awesomeness we could as Rei and III, which ultimately ended in a small mini-shoot yet again to end my Friday! <3

Saturday was a bit more hectic, but also ridiculously slow. First thing in the morning, I changed into Asami Sato from Legend of Korra, felt like a drag queen with all the make-up, and started my day off with a Wild Berry Poptart, because those are the best breakfast ever. XD Once we met up with Gala and Mazzie, who were respectively my Korra and Mako, we wandered around the con, got a ton of photos, and eventually went out to eat lunch before our shoot with :iconpuyoda:. Everything went super swimmingly, and before I knew it, we had to part with the twins once again, leaving me to decide what I wanted to do.

So I changed into Hope as Inu changed into the Onceler, and we went searching for my Light! Many silly jokes of the interesting situations I ended up in were made, such as when I was walking behind a Slenderman or evading the Weeping Angels, but eventually after a lot of trying to make digital communication work, I finally managed to get :iconalkalye: to appear! 8D We and her friend Soranu went to the Leatherworking panel by God Save the Queen Fashions, which was insanely informational and gave me a few ideas, before she changed into Lightning and we just kind of evaded the heat so we could catch up after like, 2 years of not seeing each other.

That, too, came to an end at a point, and I decided to make one last costume change for the night as things were getting cooler, and so I changed into Zelda from Skyward Sword and Inu was Adam Lambert (And was FAB-U-LOUUUUS xD!) before returning downstairs, chilling, more photospam, and eventual meet-up with the twins once again before I kinda said no mas and went to bed.

Sunday was relatively simple, as I was once again Jack Frost, and with the twins we were an army of Jack Frosts! Met up with a bunch of other RotG cosplayers for the sake of Easter fun, and the twins and I got to make a little boy's day when we went and visited him in the Dealer's Room as his favorite hero!  Totally the cutest experience ever to get to shoot aliens with a 4 year old who really thinks you are all somehow Jack Frost, okay? A little while after that, I went and caught lunch, said my farewells, and headed back out on the road! Fought some serious rain on the way back, but we returned home victorious, but not overly enthused about the convention itself, as friends were the reason I had any fun at all.

So yeah... if you were there and said hi or hung out with me, you're a great person. Props to you!

And so next con is A-Kon in Dallas, Texas... but my next event is Scarborough Fair! Can't wait! Will post more info as I get it, and you can prepare to see some awesomeness! Remember to check my Facebook page for progress updates, my twitter for my random ramblings about my life, and my tumblr for my musings. Hopefully as things have toned down, I'll be able to access all of them more, and we'll get a few of those tutorials I promised out of the way real soon!

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I'm a high school student who likes to cosplay, sew, draw, and make artsy fartsy stuff.


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